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How To Cancelling Soulgen AI Subscription? Follow Method:

SoulGen AI is an AI-powered tool designed to generate images based on text prompts. It has the capability to create both anime-style and real-world images featuring women. Utilizing machine learning algorithms and neural networks, SoulGen transforms user input into visually engaging and appealing images. in this article how to Cancelling Soulgen AI Subscription with this methods:

Cancelling Soulgen AI Subscription

SoulGen AI Subscription Plan

SoulGen offers a “Free Trial” period for users to explore its services and features. Following the trial, users are required to subscribe to access continued benefits. New subscribers can enjoy a 70% discount on their initial subscription.

Subscription Plans for SoulGen:

New Subscribers:

  • $9.99 for 1 month
  • $69.99 for 12 months

Old Subscribers:

  • $19.99 for 1 month
  • $239.88 for 12 months

Subscription payments are accepted exclusively through Credit or Debit cards and PayPal.

How To Cancelling SoulGen AI Subscription?

Canceling a SoulGen AI subscription can be a challenge for many users who struggle to find an exact method for termination. If you’re contemplating canceling your SoulGen AI Subscription, consider the following steps:

  1. Seek Assistance from Your Payment Provider:
    If you encounter difficulties canceling your subscription, reach out to your payment provider for guidance. They can provide assistance and help you navigate the cancellation process.
  2. Stopping Recurring Payments:
    If you find yourself repeatedly charged for plans you no longer wish to continue, follow these steps to halt recurring payments:
  • For PayPal Users:
    • Call the PayPal team directly at +1 (402) 935-2050.
    • Request an update to your payment status from recurring to one-time.
  • For Credit or Debit Card Users:
    • Contact your Credit or Debit Card provider directly.

Note: Always ensure to review SoulGen’s cancellation policies and terms before attempting to cancel your subscription through alternative methods.

Cancel your SoulGen AI subscription via email, follow these steps:

  1. Email Contact Information:
    SoulGen offers an email address,, specifically for subscribers to reach out to their support team in case of any issues, including cancellation requests.
  2. Submit Cancellation Query:
    If you are facing difficulties with the cancellation process, you can submit your cancellation query to their support team by composing an email to
  3. Response and Assistance:
    Once your email is sent, the SoulGen support team will review your concern and make efforts to assist you with canceling your SoulGen AI subscription. They will consider your request and respond to your email promptly.

Note: Ensure to include relevant details such as your subscription information and any other necessary details in your email to facilitate a smoother cancellation process.


SoulGen AI emerges as a powerful tool in the realm of creative expression, offering users the ability to generate captivating images through text prompts. As we’ve explored its features, subscription plans, and cancellation methods, it becomes apparent that SoulGen provides a unique and innovative service.

The availability of a free trial and discounted rates for new subscribers makes it accessible for users to explore the platform’s capabilities. However, the challenge of canceling subscriptions has been acknowledged, and users are encouraged to utilize multiple avenues, including email communication with the support team.

As with any service, understanding the terms and policies is crucial, and users should familiarize themselves with SoulGen’s guidelines to navigate the subscription and cancellation processes effectively.

In the evolving landscape of AI-powered creativity, SoulGen stands as an intriguing player, offering a blend of convenience and artistic potential. As users continue to engage with this AI tool, the community’s feedback and the platform’s responsiveness to user needs will likely shape its trajectory, promising exciting developments on the horizon.